Q-1) What is the purpose of registration ?
Q-2) What is the difference between Built-up area, Superbuilt-up area and Carpet area ?
Q-3) What is the difference between lease and leave and licence agreement ?
Q-4) What is the difference between a Khata and a Title Deed ?
Q-5) What should a lessee or occupant keep in mind while purchasing a office ?
Q-6) On what basis is the rent charged ?
Q-7) What are non-occupancy charges ?
Q-8) What are type of documents to be signed for renting an office or a shop ?
Q-9) What should i inspect in a premises before renting it ?
Q-10) Checklist for renting commercial property ?
Q-11) Checklist for selling commercial property ?
Q-12) Does one have to pay any amount for registration of the sale/transfer decoments ?
Q-13) What you should do prior to land registration ?