Corporate leasing starts with expansion planning, identifying the location, locating the right property, satisfactory negotiation of lease rentals, documentation procedures and the final acquisition of the property.

We provide comprehensive real estate consultancy services to Indian and multinational companies looking to set up their facility. Our services include all aspects of a client’s real estate needs, right from choosing appropriate facilities to enhancing the work infrastructure – an end to end solution that is streamlined and tailor-made.

The functional aspect of corporate leasing is something which cannot be categorized in simple language. Acquiring a property is a complex process which involves various aspects.

Our core competency lies in partnering corporate during their crucial phase of expansion in terms of providing consultancy services for real estate decisions. Our experts efficiently take corporates through the cumbersome legalities of real estate transactions.

The tray of services for corporate includes :

  • Occupancy strategy, location selection and sourcing of properties.
  • Comparative financial and non financial analysis for aiding decision making.
  • Assisting in due diligence and negotiation.
  • Structuring and execution of transaction.

For owners / landlords :

  • Sourcing of Tenants
  • Project / Property Marketing
  • Market Study
  • Negotiation and documentation

We provide our clients with specialised and efficient service encompassing reports and analysis on markets, details of developers, pros and cons of particular sites, future trends and investment security. We ensure that our customer investments render high returns yet maintaining them safe and secure, with a high level of transparency in all levels of transactions. Maintaining a holistic approach to the service provided, we take our clients through the legalities and documentation, tours of the properties, transfer process and other relevant updates.

Understanding the financial profile of our client, forms the basis of the services we provide. It encompasses cash inflow sources, investment objectives and goals, assets other than securities, client’s desired liquidity and ability to take risks. In other words, we understand and acknowledge that our client goes beyond what we aim to manage in terms of their finances and investments.

Pre Lease Investments :

Our team of Investment specialists help institutions and private clients ( Indian residents as well as Non resident Indians ) in acquiring and selling income yielding properties. With our intimate knowledge of real estate fundaments our team provides optimal solutions to our investor based on the size of investments , appetite for risk , investment horizons and expected returns. Our investment programs can be customized based on geographical coverage and property type. Our team keep on working to build the database of over dozens of income producing properties tenanted by renowned corporations across the country.

The difficulties that come in the process of Land Acquisition in India are immense, given the population density, variation in acquisition laws in each state and the type of land use in the country. With changing government policies, rates and stiffness of the owners it looks nearly impossible for any individual or new entrant to acquire land.

The difficult process of negotiations and due diligence requires only specialists. As the name says, under this vertical we facilitate the process of land acquisitions for developers and investors for investment purposes or for any future development. We provide complete support on documentation, due diligence and negotiations with the landlords.

The real estate market being cyclical in nature, we strive to ensure that we offer our clients advice that is backed by live and exclusive data carefully handpicked for the purpose. From marketing of commercial, residential developments to planning and implementation of retail malls, comprehensive and reliable consultancy is the foundation of any successful real estate venture. The focuses research enables in gauging the real estate demand and facilitates in making vital decisions.

Our consultancy portfolio consists of the following services :

  • Feasibility studies ( Location / Market / Financial Analysis )
  • Market Research ( Supply estimation / demand projections / vacancy level )
  • Portfolio Strategy for real Estate holdings
  • Valuation of Properties ( Open Market / Ongoing business / residual valuation )